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Become Premier Member and Help us To keep the Radio Stations On The Air! (The Mondello Radio Group) is a Zero-Revenue, Listener-Supported and

Independent Group of Radio Stations.

We want to be free to play the commercial-free music we want... the Music You Want!
That means we Rely Entirely on Your Support to keep the Radio Stations on-the-air!

We hope that you enjoy the music we play and that you will make a donation to finance our h24 operations.

To Experience Listening Without Commercials and Fund-raising Breaks, while enjoying higher sound quality,

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To show our appreciation, you will be rewarded with free access to our Premier area!
Only Premier Supporters will:
* Experience uninterrupted music (which means no advertisements, no fund-raising campaign breaks)
* Connect to ALL the Reserved Audio Streams of the Radio Stations of
* Enjoy much higher Sound Quality (192kbps to 256 kbps)
* Get early release for new tunes

- IMPORTANT: following your donation, we will send the Premier Area login information to Your e-mail.

Please make sure to let us have your email address, utilizing this form (click here).

Please allow up to 24 hours to process your Premier Supporter Membership.

Premier radio stations are available Only in the password-protected area, here, on the Premier web pages.

- Donations received in September: $24.86

- Operations cost in September (server, licenses, domains, etc.): $245.97

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