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Submit your music

How to have your tracks considered for airplay

Thank you for your interest in submitting your music work to the Mondello Radio Group.

Please spend a couple of minutes to carefully read the information on this page before proceeding.


If you think your music would fit nicely on one or more of our channels please send it to us.

The Mondello Radio Group ( is a Zero-Revenue and Listener-Supported group of radio stations that provides free radio streams for its listeners, as a way to promote interest in non-commercial music as well as provide exposure for non-commercial unsigned and independent music artists, regardless of fame. We want to help good music to reach listeners.

It is impossible for us to play all music we receive, thus we are forced to choose which music will receive airplay and which will not. We base our music selection criteria solely on how and if it matches the format of our radio stations, the quality of the music and of the recording, our own subjective impressions of the music as well as the available airtime.

Please note that because of this we cannot guarantee that every track submitted will receive airplay. We receive many new albums to consider every week, therefore, it is impossible to estimate how long it will take for us to review a particular track or how long it will be until it sees airplay.
We can guarantee, though, that we will eventually listen to every track submitted.

If we do not play a particular track or tracks on our station, please do not be discouraged;

it could simply be that it didn't match the format of our station or that there simply wasn't room enough for all the tracks we wanted to play.

However, please do bear in mind that all decisions regarding what tracks we will play are in our sole discretion and are final.

We regret that we cannot respond to each one individually.

You will only hear back from us if your submission request is considered a good fit by a channel director.

Submission Process

(please follow it step-by-step)

1) Email us your submission request as outlined below. Please keep it brief and specific.


2) Do Not include music file attachments (our e-mail system cannot save them). We welcome links to media.


3) Channel Directors will read your request and determine whether it is a good fit for the channel.


4) Channel Directors may contact you by email with instructions for sending the actual media.

5) Music genre: This should correspond to a channel among the ones listed in our Main Page.


6) Description: Explain what you intend to submit. Include track names, or track listings for mixes.
As said, please do not include any attachments, any emails with attachments will be automatically ignored.

7) Very Important: When you submit your music works, it is necessary that it falls under one of the below two scenarios:
A. The music is released under the Creative Commons license; or ...
Write us an email stating that you (the artist/rights holder of the music) are providing The Mondello Radio Group ( a license fee waiver (please make sure to write this sentence). A couple of lines written with your own words will suffice. If you need a sample, just ask for it.
-- Music submitted without a license fee waiver canno
t be considered for airtime. --

8) How to submit your music: please Do Not send / attach files while sending your message because our server cannot save them.
If you distribute your recordings on Bandcamp, you can email us a link and a "YUM" code.
==Please send a note letting us know what genre/style of music it is==.
Alternatively, to submit electronic (digital) tracks, you may want to use Dropbox or WeTransfer, for example

(you can get an account for free); just share a folder of your music and email us the links.


9) Please submit only MP3 files and make sure they are 320kbps 44.1khz. 

Make sure your artist name and track names are correct in the Metadata.


10) Tell us something about you or your band. Don't forget to let us have your website and email address.

11) Tell us the name of the radio channel you think your music will best fit. 

Set the Genre to be something that best describes your music.


Submission requests are made to a mailing list that is sent to multiple Channel Directors.

Please include all the information listed above or your request cannot be processed.

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we regret that we cannot respond to each one individually.

You will only hear back from us if your submission request is considered a good fit by our channel directors.

Thank you for sharing your music with us!

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