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Our mission

The Mondello Radio Group ( is a

Zero-Revenue, Listener-Supported

Group of Radio Stations on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our streams are very diverse and are suitable for many types of listening. However, we do not play the "latest big music hits".

We exist solely to promote interest in non-commercial music (or to those music genres usually neglected by radio stations busy with playing the latest hits) as well as provide exposure for non-commercial music artists.

Our aim is also to give a community to musicians, composers and artists devoting their life to composing and playing non-commercial music. In fact, we are proud to be a "music hub" where musicians often submit their
music works for us to air them.

We make everything available for no cost to
our listeners, musicians, and music bands.
However, in order to raise funds nece
ssary to keep the radio stations on the air, 

We Do Accept Donations,

Because our 16 Radio Stations

are Free to Listen,

Not to Operate!

In fact, we consistently lose money every month, because the cost of hosting many radio stations (bandwidth, dedicated software, dedicated server, web site maintenance, etc.) is quite expensive.

But we do this because we love music and as long as we keep the expenses managed it is a sustainable endeavor.


We reward Donors by providing access to ALL our Premier Reserved Streams, where we do not play donation/ fund-raising campaign promos, advertisements, and anything but just the radio tags.


You won't find "download now" buttons on our web sites and our servers automatically disconnect stream-recording devices.


We strive to play the music that you like and hope that listeners will purchase the songs and CDs they like, which are available in a multitude of stores and e-stores.

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